Friday, September 30, 2011

what works in beauty

I was getting ready this morning and as I was shampooing my hair and applying my makeup, it hit me I need to write about my best beauty finds! I'm always changing it up and trying new things....especially makeup. I am a makeup junkie. So here's my first installment of "what works in beauty".

1. Softlips Chapstick
The best chapstick...ever!!!  I have been using it for years. Like I said I always switch it up, but not with my chapstick. This is the only stuff that truly moisturizes my lips and keeps them soft for hours. And a plus is that it is so tiny you can easily keep it in your pocket. You can buy this anywhere (Target, Walgreens, etc..)

2. Sheer Blonde-Go Blonder Lightening Spray
This is a new find for me, also a newer product. I've always been a fan of John Freida products, from shampoo to hair dye. So needless to say I was excited to try this!! A girl at work told me about this and then I saw a coupon for this in my was a sign!! So I tryed it and it worked! It's really cool to watch it in action. How it works is you spray this on towel dryed hair wherever you want to lighten it. I spray it on my roots in between dying it. It instantly lightens anything that needs to be lightened. After it's spray blow dry and style. The heat is what activates it. I highly recommend this!

3. Sheer Minerals-Avon
I am constantly trying different brands of makeup, to see what works best. And Avon has yet to let me down. I'm such a firm believer in their product and company that I'm looking into becoming a representitive. This powder does just what you want a powder to do, cover flaws. Any imperfection one swipe of this and it's blended it. After I tryed this product, there is no way I'm going to switch to another powder. I love it!! And the best doesn't cake! You can buy it through Avon.

4. Revlon Lipgloss
My thing is lip gloss. I have a drawer full of different lip glosses and lipsticks. What can I say it's an addiction? But I have to say the best lip gloss that I've come across so far is this one. I've never really tryed a lot of Revlon but I read an article on how well this lip gloss works. And then I stumbled across this pink color and decided that I had to try this! And mannn am I glad I did!! This lip gloss goes on the actual color that it shows in the tube, and get this it actually stays on!! If you love lip will love this believe me! After anyone I know trys this, they go an buy it. A must have.

5. Organix Shampoo and Conditoner
I always used to pass by this in the shampoo aisle and smell it. Seriously this went on for months. I don't know why it took so long for me to try it. I read good reviews, it smelled amazing, it was organic. That's what sold me! It was organic. And I love the whole natural thing. This seriously makes my hair sooooo soft! I love love love this! You can get it at any store. I can't wait to try all of the other smells :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011 much more than just something that sits on my head.

I'm the type of person who likes change. Well depending on the situation I like change :p I believe change gives you room for a fresh start. For a while now I've been talking/thinking/wanting to change my hair. On my Bucket List I have that I want to try out having red and brown hair at some point in my life. Just for something new. That's an extremley hard thing for me to try...much harder then some of those things actually. I love being a blonde. I always have!! It's who I am. But to be fair those other hair colors look like fun to...I guess :p They aren't really me but why couldn't I try being a redhead, even if only for a month. You only live once right. So here are a few options that might be kinda fun. I did all of these on It's really fun getting to see what you would look like! It let's you try different colors and styles along with makeup as well. Let me know which ones you like the best!
1. This one is most like my own, it just works

2. I love this color! It's more golden and perfect for fall.






9. I do like how the red makes my eyes pop



13. I don't think I'll ever get used to the whole dark hair thing...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zooey Deschanel makes nerdy look cool

I first heard of Zooey Deschanel when she starred in the movie Elf. I remember thinking I'm going to be seeing more of her. It may have been that her and Will Ferell were hilarious together...because they were!! Next I saw her in Failure to Launch and was intriqed by her. She always plays the most unique roles. I have to say my favorite role that she has done is definitely her role as Summer in 500 days of summer. Even though I kept getting mad at her charecter I couldn't help but want to keep watching!! It was like an addiction, and her clothes were to die for!! But I'll get back to her style in a moment. Her newest role is on the sitcom "The New Girl". She's a nerdy girl who just broke up with her boyfriend and starts living with these 3 guys. I've only seen 2 episodes, but needless to say I'm hooked. She truly makes nerdy cool.

As much as I love her as an actress I'm also obsessed with her music. When I heard her sing in 500 Days of summer I decided to look up her music. I hit the jackpot!! She is one of the members of the duo "He and She" and their music is just what I love!!! It's very retro and awesome!!! I just sit back and enjoy the sounds of this awesome duo.

Lastly...let's talk style!!! This girl is one of my biggest style icons! Much like me she basically lives in skirts and dresses, after all they are wayyyy more comfortable then pants :p Everything she wears is very retro/vinatge based. I never see her in something that doesn't make me say "I need that outfi!!!" Needless to say I am a fan. Zooey Deschanel is clearly awesome...and she doesn't have to wear barely anything for everyone to think so. She's bringing nerdy back :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Hill

It's tradition for my family to go to Holy Hill every year. We've always gone in the summer but the last few years we've been going in the fall. It's like a mini retreat, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! You drive up and automatically feel at peace with everything and just overjoyed with happiness. First we went to mass in the most beautiful church ever. Tall ceilings and beautiful stained glass all over. Ever since I was a little girl I've been saying that I want to get married here :) After mass grandma and I were very hungry, lucky for us there is a quaint cafe right outside of the church. My favorite there has always been the turnovers, sadly they were out so we ended up getting some apple pie. Man did that hit the spot!! Now with some energy we headed down the trails to look at the stations. Down the trail it is surrounded by trees and just beautful naturalness. It really makes you forget the worries of the world. The stations are so beautiful and heart renching. It shows step by step how Jesus was nailed to the cross. After that it was looking like rain so we went to Fondu lac to get lunch (I had the most amazing veggie burger...ever!!!) and then we went shopping :)

All and all this day was lovely :) I am so lucky to have spent it with mom and grandma!

I highly recommend anyone who lives in Wisconsin stop here for a day it truly is just what you need to really connect to God on a greater level :)

Day 14: Flowers

Monday, September 26, 2011

bucket list :)

I've been in works of my Bucket List for quite some time so here it is....but I'll always be adding things :)


1. Eat at pie place in Missouri with Tav
2. Attend New York fashion week
3. Go to Paris (see the Eiffel Tower, Eat croissants, Go shopping, Attend a fashion show)
4. Learn to hula dance in Hawaii
5. Have pizza in Italy and ride a gondola
6. Visit all 50 states (and get a picture in each to complete my map with)
7. Road trip with my husband around the country
8. Celebrate Christmas and New Years in New York
9. Live a summer in New York
10. Get a picture of a kangaroo in Australia
11. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
12. Sing and dance to Mama Mia songs in Greece
13. Visit the Vatican in Rome
14. Go to The Kentucky Derby
15. Volunteer in another country
16. Drive until I am out of gas and make the best of that place
17. Swim in the clear water of Bora Bora
18. Go back packing around Europe
19. Go to/Open a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont in fall
20. Go seashell picking all day on the beach in Florida

People I want to meet:

1. Bill Cosby
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Taylor Swift
4. Nicole Richie
5. Rupert Grint
6. Dierks Bentley
7. Zooey Deschanel


1. Get married
2. Renew my vows in fun ways (Vegas, Themes)
3. Fall head over heels, can’t live without him in love
4. Have the perfect proposal
5. Have my dream wedding
6. Long movie like kiss in the pouring rain
7. Slow dance in the moonlight
8. Literally drive off into the sunset
9. Be serenaded
10. Yell "I love you" to eachother on the top of a mountain

To Do:

1. Attempt surfing
2. Make a soufflé
3. Try red hair
4. Try brown hair
5. Make/Print my own greeting cards
6. Drive a pickup truck
7. Go 4-wheeling
8. Attempt to ski
9. Learn French
10. Learn to play the guitar
11. Learn to play the harp
12. Drive a pickup truck
13. Write my own music and perform it somewhere
14. Bury a keepsake box
15. Send a bottle with a letter in it to sea
16. Finish getting the tattoos I want to get (Butterfly on the back of my neck, Carpe Diem on my hip, Cross on my foot)
17. Have a photo shoot with a world renound photographer
18. Learn to ballroom dance
19. Ride in a horse drawn carriage in the snow
20. Learn to cook/take cooking classes
21. Attempt yoga
22. Give up soda
23. Horseback riding on the beach
24. Go to a party on a yacht
25. Face my fear and come face to face with a shark (behind glass)
26. Go to a Broadway Show
27. Jump in a waterfall
28. Ride a mechanical bull
29. Learn belly dancing
30. Learn to knit
31. Plant a tree
32. Inspire someone
33. Walk the red carpet
34. Go on a religious retreat
35. Write a memoir
36. Be the photographer at someone’s wedding
37. Write my own music and find somewhere to perform it
38. Ride a dolphin!


1. Have kids
2. Start my own business
3. Move to Nashville
4. Own a pink car
5. Own my dream house (Tire swing in back, Lilac bush in front, Walk in closet, Cupcake themed kitchen, Hot tub, Tree house in the backyard. Big backyard)
6. Open up a cupcake bakery

7. Host and cook a Thanksgiving meal for all of my family and friends