Sunday, July 31, 2011

like my new dress??

Family get together this weekend. I was very excited to break out my new dress :))

what I'm wearing:
Shoes-Thrifted (I think forever 21)
Bow in my hair-my sister made it :))
Blue flower shoes-Kohls

Thursday, July 28, 2011


soooo I was thinkin...I NEED SOMETHING NEW WITH MY HAIR!!! I love my hair, but change is a good thing :)

Here are some choices:
Option 1: The classic bob-It's stylish, sassy and easy!!! I haven't had my hair short in years...but this would be a fun twist!!

Option  2: Keep the same style...buuuut try a new color. Still bonde :))) just more of a golden blonde.

Option 3: A perm, I've never had one...buuuuut love love love curly/wavy hair!!! It's just so much fun!! I've seen a few perms turn out awesome!!...but a few not so awesome. That's why I'm a bit cautious about this one. But I just love it!!!

Option 4: This is a mix of the bob and the perm. I just love her hair!! It's always so fun and funky!!

Well I'll have to think it over and see what I decide..decisions...decisions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fashion is love.

I went shopping yesterday...oh how dangerous that is!! Haha here are a few shots.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few random photos for this lovely Thursday :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sorry it's been a while...but I had a good excuse. I was on vacation in Nashville (aka the greatest place on Earth)

 We decided to do a road trip there, took about 11 hours. But goodness was it worth it!!  On the way there we stopped at the typical trucker stop called The Iron Skillet. Our waitress was noooot the nicest. She had a fit that I wanted a cheese buscuit. But it all worked out I got my cheese buscuit haha. And after that trip there it will forever be called "The Rusty Spoon".
After many trips to Starbucks and 3 states we finally hit good ole' Tennessee. The first day we went shoppin in a mall with a Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson (my fav) and of course a Coach (ours is still better :p) and just bummed around. I mean what's better then a bit of shopping after being in the car that long.

The second day we were much more full of energy so we decided to take on Broadway St. Which if you've never been there let me tell you it is jampacked with music and fun!! We hit up a few bars, my favorite bar is "The Stage" It's also where they shot a scene in Country Strong (which happens to be one of my favorite movies) and then ate at Margarittaville. After taking in what it was like in the day we went back to the hotel and got dolled up for a girls night out. Hair curlers on and cowboy boots  lined up. Finally we were loooookin goooood and feelin good and ready to hit up Broadway at night which is an experience of a lifetime!!!...and a total blast!! If you are 21 or over you are fine to get in everywhere (most of them for free) which is awesome!! If you are under it's a little harder...but not impossible. Jilly, was only 19 so she couldn't get into everywhere but that didn't stop us from havin a blast!! We went to this place called Graham...basically a ghetto club hahaha. It was definitly an adventure to say the least. First we sang some karaoke (Miranda Lambert) and then we went up to the roof where we got our groove on. Then we moved down to the next floor and had a total blast!! After this club we moved onto a place called "Wild Horse" which had a band playing and some line dancing...very fun!!

I'm wearing: Sunglasses-Old Navy (kids), Dress-Forever 21, Shoes-Vintage

(Im wearing: Necklace-Danielles...American Eagle?, Shirt-Old Navy, Jeans-Forever 21, Boots-Walmart)

The next day we did a bit more shopping and then hit up down-town later that night. This time we decided to make it an all country night. Including line dancing and some good country music :p. Once again we went to The Wild Horse (if you go there ask for Bernie the bartender). Since we were in TN I decided to shoot some TN whiskey...I can't hold whiskey lol. All and all this night rocked!!!!...soooo much fun!!!

(What I'm wearing: Shirt and belt-Papaya, Jeans-Forvever 21, Boots-Vintage)

Sunday (our last full day) we had breakfast at a Waffle House (where they thought we were supermodels :p) and then went to the most beautiful road in Nashville, called Dry Fork Road. It was so hooooot out but it's always so lovely being able  to walk around there :) Later that night Jill and I went to The Hard Rock Cafe :)

(What I'm wearing-Headband-Forever 21, Dress-Charlotte Russe, Shoes-Target)

(What I'm wearing: Headband-Claires, Shirt-Old Navy, Skirt-Forever 21)
Finally it was time to come home...:(