Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Beauty Picks!!!

I have recently found some new makeup that I just LOVE!!..which is a rare thing!!
It's the worst when you are so excited and then you try it out...and it is just no good!
So here I am to tell you a few good finds I've recently found :)

1. Victorias Secret Perfecting Primer-I got this in a set along with tons of other beauty goodies. I've been meaning to get a primer for the eyes so this was my lucky day to see this in the set! I just love it!! It's super easy to use, just dab it on your eyelids. Basically it helps hold your eye makeup longer..and it does!! So glad I have this!!

2. Olay beauty fluid-I use this on my face every morning and night after I wash my face. You can never be to young to start moisturizing  your skin. I always trust Olay because I have such sensitive skin. This is just a great essential to have and get in the habit of using.

3. Revlon Photoready Airbrush-I have been looking for something like this and then saw an ad in my magazine for this and decided to give it a try. I was nervous because I never use makeup like this. I always stick to a powder. Buuuut I am glad I bought it...really glad!! It is so easy to apply you just squirt some on a makeup sponge and then just apply to the face. Goes on flawless and actually blends! This is my favorite recent find..I LOVE it!!

4. Stila one step bronze- I got this in the mail yesterday it was included in my Birchbox (if you don't know what Birchbox you should check it out!!) This is so great for summer, helps us white girls get a bit of color!! I feel like my skin is glowing already :p

5. Covergirl lashblast mascara-This stuff is cheap and great! It is just as good as the expensive stuff...a must have!

6. Physicians Formula eyeshadow-Best eyedhadow I have ever had. The colors are amazing and it actually stays on for hours! I'm slowly adding more and more to my collection. I just love it!

7. Victorias Secret eyeliner-I have tryed my fair share of eyelines.Every brand, every kind. Finally I have found my favorite..this stuff is awesome! It was also included in that kit I got. It goes on in pencil form but feels and looks like liquid..but way less messy!! I am addicted!

8. nyx mosiac powder blush-This is a great color for summer! It doesn't go on orange it's more of a coral.

9 Maybelline Baby Lips-This is kinda like a lip balm. An added plus is it has spf in again a great summer find! Makes my lips feel smooth and wonderful. And this stuff is cheap. Cheap is always good!

10. Revlon Lip Butter (color:peach parfait)-I have heard nothing  but good about this so finally I gave in and bought it. Needless to say, it is wonderful! It isn't sticky like some other lipsticks. It really is light as air and doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all.

Monday, June 4, 2012

this...and that.

Here are a few random snap-shots from over the last few weeks.
Enjoy :)

1.Could these shoes be any cuter?? Saw them when I was in Madison at Urban Outfitters...I should have bought them! 

2. Caroline and I attempting a tan...we got like 2% tanner....success!

3. Barney loves to snuggle!!

4. Tav, Caroline and I made friendship bracelets :)

5. Butterfly cookie....ummm yummmm

6. I guess I shouldn't tease...camel kisses.

7. After a fashion show...I loooove how they did my makeup!...and hair but you can't tell from the front.

8. Mindy and I left some mail for Tav...a "happy" surprise...ahhh hahahahaa.

9. I'm pretty sure this was on Mothers Day :)

10. Isn't my mom beautiful???? :) I think so!

11. After a different fashion show...liked my hair!

12. My brother brought over Nelly...Ly didn't know what to do heehee.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

girls day in Madison!!

Yesterday my mom, sister and I took a day trip to Madison.
This included all things that us gals love... shopping, food, exploring, laughing, and some good music.
It really was a great day!!!
There is just something about Madison that really inspires me. The people, the shops, the music. I love it all! Everything is so unique and lovely. I can see myself living here someday...even if just for a while.

We spent the morning/afternoon shopping at one of the malls. Some good finds! After that we went to state street and got some yum yum yummy lunch...oh and cake. Some of the best cake...ever! And that's saying something! We hit all of the stores on the strip and went down by the water for a bit.

Later that night I went to a concert while mom and Mindy hit up a comedy club. I have been a fan of Josiah Leming for years! If you haven't heard of should!! He is very talented and an all around great guy. I got to sell merch for him and hang with him and some of the other performers for a bit. I just love musicians. They always have good stories and are just insanly interesting! If I was more musically inclined I would be a musician hands down. Nothing is better than a good concert!! The adrenaline, the crowd, the energy...the MUSIC!!! Such a great time!!! I also got to hear some new artists. My favorite was Grace Weber. Look her up..she is amazing!! When I heard her sing I just couldn't believe how talented she was! And to top it off she's a sweetheart! The concert was a hit. Sooo glad I got to go meet some new friends and hear some good tunes. Perfect night :)

we have good genes :)

Ohhhh they tasted as good as they looked!!

Not only is he insanly talented...but he wears suspenders. My heart just skipped a beat.

Take a listen!!