Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gonna party like it's your birthday...

Last weekend was a blast!! Both of my friends had their Birthdays. Soooo of course we had to go out and celebrate. We went out both Friday and Saturday night. Needless to say I am still without a voice haha. But a great time!!! Who doesn't love Birthdays?!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day :)

I've been a little side-tracked the last few days.
Didn't really have a lot of time to update my bloggy...
But here is a snapshot of the lovely Memorial Day I had yesterday. It was really relaxing and the weather was great!!! We went over to my dads house and grilled out (I had my veggie burgers.) It was just what I needed!! Hope you all had a fantastic day as well!!

Now we can finally get ready for summer...bring it on!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspirational lady #5...Jessica Simpson

#5...Jessica Simpson!

She does it all!! I know a lot of people don't like her...but I do! I always have. I have been her biggest fan for years. I have nothing but respect for her.

She started out in music and worked really hard to get there (I watched the true hollywood story :p.)
One thing I've always admired about her was that she remained a virgin until marriage. That shows a lot about the person she is and her strengthing faith. Now I know things have changed since then, but growing up I was able to look at her as just the greatest example. Still do.

In the midst of her music career she shot a hit reality show with then husband Nick Lachey. She was soon a househeld name. She was never afraid to laugh at herself and be a big dork. I can relate!

She is a major help with the "Operation Smile"  charity. Helping children with cleft lips get surgery. She says everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Along with that she does tours for many of the soldiers.

She started a line of shoes and since then branched out into handbags, clothes and really anything you can think of.
She even worked with Ken Paves to create a line of hair extensions.
Oh yes and perfume...(I use the perfume and it my favorite...smells soooo good!!)

Most recently she is part of the hit TV show "Fashion Police"

She is now engaged and just had a baby girl...awwww.

This girl is a true inspiration!! She really does seem to do it all. And be able to laugh at herself along the way. I can't wait to see what she does next. I really hope that she puts out a new album soon. But of course mommy duties come first.

Anybody who ever said this girl is dumb needs to think again. Look at everything she's accomplished!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

#6...Nicole Richie. Fashion Icon.

#6 Nicole Richie.

Fashion Icon!

Now when you first hear the name Nicole Richie you don't automatically think romodel. But I do. I think she's a great example. She is one person who constantly inspires me. Yes she's made a few wrong turns in life...but who hasn't. The main thing is she owned up to what she did. And made a major comeback.

She has taken the fashion world by storm. She has 2 hit clothing lines and also stars on the hit show "Fashion Star."
Basically she's living out my dream lol.
Seriously everything she wears looks like she stepped out of a magazine. Even if it's just skinny jeans and ballet flats. Perfect. If I could steal anyones wardrobe it would be hers!
Boho chic...and totally fabulous!!

She still makes room for her family. Her #1 priority is being a mom (the way it should be.)
Yet she is still outspoken and hilarious! Nobody could censor her if they tryed...but it's all part of why she's so fabulous.

This girl totally inspires me.
I can never wait to see what she's wearing or what she's gonna do or say next.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspiring Women...#7 Jennifer Aniston

Tonight is the start of what is going to be a week long countdown.
Each day I will be doing a new inspirational lady.
Each one a great romodel.
Someone I think girls should look up to and admire.
I know I do.
So let's kick things off with #7.

#7. Jennifer Aniston.

I have been a major Jennifer Aniston fan ever since I saw her on FRIENDS. Rachel was always my favorite. Since then she has filmed in many movies, some hits and some flops. But with that she grew into a bigger star. Everywhere you went you'd see her picture. After all she is Americas sweetheart.

But through it all you never saw her getting a big ego over it. Ever. Or spending insane amounts of money. She just looks like she would be a cool down to earth person. I think we could be friends! She held her head high through a very public divorce and never once tryed to make people feel sorry for her. She didn't go around saying negative things she just kept to herself. That takes a real lady!

And not that looks should matter. But I love love love that she doesn't rely on insane amounts of makeup and hair extensions. She looks like an actual person. And that is beautiful! She looks just as gorgeous without makeup as she does with.


She is one for the books. An all over classy lady. I think she is just so genuine. I would love to meet her someday and pick her brain! What a class act! There really should be more ladies like her.

Hey Ya'll ...Nashville trip

A few weeks back Tav and I took a trip to my all time favorite place ever...Nashville!!! I can go to this place over and over again and still feel like I'm seeing it for the first time. This was Tavi's first time there so I was reallyyyy excited to show her around! Listen to me..knowing where things are!!

Here is a recap of the trip..I'll try to cut it down..

On the way there we only got lost like once or twice (not bad for us!!) All I can say is thank gahhh for a GPS! I really need to get me one of those bad boys.. We had a blast on the road. Road tripping with your besties..what's not to love!! We had our fair share of laughs from perverted truck drivers to getting the finger for no reason. But we couldn't help but laugh our butts off. Finally we got to Nashville. Poor Tavi she had to put up with me yelping with joy! This is my could I not cheer and squeel and speed!? Before hitting our destination we ran into Walmart to grab a few must haves and ran into the bathroom and to my was the mens bathroom. Sounds about right haaha.

Lucky for us I have a friend that lives in Nashville so we had a place to stay. Shout out to Jay, thanks again for letting us noisy messy girls stay there :))
We got there late that night and just chilled. That's really all you want to do after a long trip. It was good catching up again. I have't seen Jay in a while. It's always great catching up with old friends again.

The next day Tav and I ventured out. And found this cute little cafe connected to the library with some dang good cake...good food to...but look at that cake!! It was so lovely when we left, sun shining warm. And then when we got downtow...cold and rainy..booo. But hey, rain is a good thing! I showed Tav Broadway st (only one of the coolest places in Nash). But decided to get out of the rain. So we hit up Opry Mills mall. It was actually my first time there (every other time it was closed due to flooding.) They had some awesome stores there to check out. And bonus I got some free goodies at Vera Bradley for my birthday. We bummed there for a few hours and then headed back to the house to eat. On the way back my phone died so I just assumed I would go back and charge it. Buuuut no luck, it was broke. And no US Cellular. I was out a phone and it was only our first day there... Just my luck. We relaxed for a few hours and watched TV. Funny new show I'm addicted to it's always sunny in philadelphia. After a little Dumb and Dumber we decided to get up and go out. It was a Friday night in Nashville after all!!!

Tav and I went downtown and heard some goooood music. I just can't help but dance when I hear that music. It's like somehthing in me that just ticks!! I got told that I looked like Taylor Swift, psh she's gorgeous I'll take that compliment! We danced around for a bit and then went to The Wild Horse Saloon. We got to attempt some line dancing...key word here is attempt. But it was a blast!!

On the forecast for the next day..rain. Sigh...buuuut we made the best of it ...again.
I have been putting off getting a my blue butterfly tattoo for like 2 years. Not because I didn't want it but because I was so nervous! Even though I already have one. Weird right?? We got ice cream downtown (they thought I was a local AND I got a discount because the girl thought we'd be good friends.) People in the South are just so nice. After stalling all day I decided tattoo time! It was a parlor right on Broadway st. The place I always planned on going to get it done. 2 years ago my first time there I went in and chickened out. And then last year I went in but they were close to close and were closed on Sundays. So this was my time! Now or never. I went in told the man what I wanted and sat there nervously shifting. He was very nice but kinda weird. He sang to himself when he did the tattoo. It took longer then we thought but that's because he got caught up in detail. Looking back now I am soooo glad I went through with it! I just love it! And it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. After tattoo time we went to Hard Rock for some yum yums.

We got back to the house and Tav didn't feel like going out again. And that was cool with me. I thought maybe Jay would...but he didn't. Instead we listened to records and chatted the night away. Perfect. It was so much better than going out would have been.

Before I knew it we were on our last day... :( So we went to The Farmhouse Restaurant if you are ever in Nash you should really go!! In the back we found this trail. Of course we didn't have our tennies with us. But it was so beautiful we decided to walk it anyway. And it wasn't raining!! Great trails! I would go back for sure! We even found us some walking sticks :p

That night I was very excited to check out the famous Bluebird Cafe. Musicians like Taylor Swift and Dierks Bentley performed here before they hit it big. We had good timing because right when we got there the line started forming. We didn't even know there would be a line...but good thing we were there haha. We met some nice people in line and then finally got to go in. Yet another place I would recommend. The food is amazing!! I loved the artist that was there to, they were so different and so talented and hilarious!! I guess they have open mic nights. I'm gonna have to go to one of those. This one of the highlights of this whole trip. Just a great vibe..very inspirational.

Last night back to the house. Boo. But when we got back Jay's other 2 roomates got home. I love these guys! We stayed up all night laughing and talking. Good company :)

Going home...sigh. It was a beautiful day!! We really didn't get lost ...bad.
But we did find this really cool place in Kentucky. We were told about this place called "Cave of the mounds" at one of the gas stations in town. So we thought we needed to check it out. So glad we did! It.was.beautiful. I would go back in a heartbeat.

So glad we went on this trip. Good bestie bonding time :)
Ever since this trip I have been looking into how much apartments there cost and potential jobs. You never know where life is going to take you. I have a very strong feeling that this is where I belong. But it's up to God where he wants to lead me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My mom...

Thank you to my mom.
I could write a 12 page thank you note to my mom thanking her for all she does.
She is an incredible lady who makes me laugh, makes me cry. And is always there to pick up the pieces.
I love you so much mom!!!
I couldn't imagine anyone else being my mom...we're the perect match :)

Happy Mothers Day!!!

We both grew into our looks...