Saturday, March 2, 2013

Megan Wara...your next CW14 star!!

Hello my lovelies!!

What have I been up to??

Let me tell you..I have exciting news!!!
I am currently in the top 10 to be the next CW14 star!! A few weeks back I auditioned and made it to the top 9! The people voted in the 10th candidate. What does the next CW14 star do? If I got this I would be considered "the face of the CW14" cool is that!?!? I would get to work behind and in front of the camera. By giving interviews and segments in between shows. This would be a paid 1 year job. AKA...a dream come true!

I have always liked being the center of attention. I liked using television and acting as an outlet to be heard. I would watch people like Kelly Rippa on TV and think ..that's what I want to do!! I really do believe God made me like this for a reason. There is a reason he made me confident and bubbly. It is to be the voice of millions. I want to be a good role model for girls everywhere. In this world we need better influences. My motto is "be you, be beautiful." Showing that you are beautiful just the way you are!
Since then we went to a basketball game at The Resch Center. Before the game we wore our CW14 shirts, passed out some of our business cards and got photos with a few of the people coming into the game. At half time we got to run out on the court and promote ourselves..and dance to Gangnam style haha. It was a great chance to meet the other contestants and explore some of what the job would entail! It was such a fun day!!! The hardest part was trying to make the shirt look fashionable :p

The next step in this process was getting our makeovers!! However living in Wisconsin the weather is never great in winter. The day we had makeovers I had to rescedule because of the blizzard and the long drive. But I got my makeover a few days later and it was amazing! I felt like a mini celebrity :p heehee. I went to The Paul Mitchell School in Green Bay to get my hair cut, styled, dyed, makeup done and an eyebrow wax. I was there all day but luckily I had a fabulous stylist who made the day one for the books.

After my awesome makeover we got to go in the studio! Now that-that was a dream come true!! I have always imagined being in a studio like that. Being able to see it all right in front of my eyes was the coolest thing ever!! I just didn't want to leave.

Right now we are in Round 2.
What does that mean??
Let me tell you!! You guys can help me by voting and commenting!! That is what determines the 5 that go to the next round.
You can vote once a day until March 10th at
It only takes a few minutes to register and vote.
You can watch my videos right there on the site.
Help me chase my dream and spread the word!!