Sunday, March 25, 2012

a sneak peek....

As I last posted I had a photoshoot today.
It went GREAT!!!
Here are a few of the shots I got back already.
Beth (the photographer) did an amazing job!
I can't wait to see the rest but until then..take a look at these :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

The one and only...Marilyn Monroe.

I have been obsessed with everything Marilyn lately.
I've always been a big fan but lately I've been intrigued by the photos.
I am modeling in a shoot on Sunday where I will be starring as the one and only.
Quite the shoes to fill.
Looking at these photos you can see so much emotion.
She really was a smart lady with a lot to say.
Sooo much more than a dumb blonde.
So excited for the shoot on Sunday I'm going to try and really capture her emotion.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the air...

Spring is finally here...*knock on wood.* At least in Wisconsin it finally feels like it. Yesterday we hit 78 March!!! So it felt more like an early summer. There's just something about spring that has always brought out the best in me. It makes me want to workout more, concentrate on my photography, brim with new and exciting fashion ideas and really inspire me in every way. I am generally a happier better version of myself. Makes me sound like a sad little person in every season but spring. That is false. It's just I get stuck in winter blues and spring pulls me out :)


As I sit here writing this I have the windows down and I feel the soft cool breeze slightly coming in.
I hear the birds chirping and I see the sun shining.
It is a BEAUTIFUL thing.


Everything is new and fresh again, I think that's partly how I am inspired. There's always something new to look at. I'm always taking walks and I really take in everything around me. People and animals alike are all nicer now that spring is upon us. I see more smiles and "hello, nice day isn't it" and I think "yes...yes it is!"


I am an April baby so for me spring has also been a sign of Birthdays. Definitly something new...a new age.
This year I am going to be 22.
I'm not quite where I thought I would be at 22.
But I am happy and healthy.
I have faith in God that he will guide me to what I am suposed to be doing, where I'm suposed to be and who I'm suposed to be with.


So I say this, in with the new and out with the old.
Spring is here!!
Go put on a dress and take a loooooong walk alone. Really take in the scenery and take time to gather your thoughts.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesdays 10's

Here is what's hot on my playlist, shopping list and so on....

1. The song "all over me-Josh Turner"
I just heard this on the radio. It brings me back to about 2 summers ago. Naom and I were roadtripping to Nashville for the first time. And this song played like 3 times an hour (for 12 hours there...when we were there...and on the way home another 12 hours.) But somehow we didn't get sick of it, it just screams summer. Great song! Great trip! Great memories!

look at how little we are haha.

2. The miracle product! It's called Fix+ and it's by M.A.C. I saw it on Pinterest (of course) and read every review and it sounded like the best thing to happen since sliced bread. So I thought what they hay...I'll give it a try! I attempted ordering it on the M.A.C. website. Like 7 lie. But it wouldn't let me. How annoying! So I checked in the mall at Sephora and Ulta but nope they didn't have it. Then my sister and I were in Macys (not even looking for it) and there it was!! Plus I had a gift card. Awesome! I have used it a few times now and hop on the bandwagon. You spray it on either before or after makeup (or both.) It freshens up your face a bit while helping keep your makeup on. Plus it smells so fresh and amazing!! I recommend it!!

3. I have pretty much been living on this since I gave up soda. It is soooo yummy and good for you!! It's like a double awesome!

4. The TV show "Smash" I stumbled upon it last week and was sure to catch it this week. I'm addicted already! It may just be because I am a major Marilyn Monroe fan. But if you haven't caught it yet be sure to catch it on NBC Mondays at 9. You won't regret it :) There's everything you need in a juicy hit show!

5. I want this sooooo bad!!! They sell it here. QVC has everything cool...that's what I've always thought. I would get so much use out of this. It would be well worth the money. My Birthday is next month maybe I'll put it on my wishlist :)
6. Speaking of Marilyn, I have a Marilyn Monroe inspired photoshoot coming up!! SO PUMPED!! I have always wanted to do a shoot like this and I just cannot wait for it!! We're gonna have someone do my hair and makeup like hers. Now I just need to put together some fabulous outfits. Ahhh so excited!!

7. 2 words...cupcake ATM. You heard me they have a cupcake ATM!!! I saw the youtube video of it last night and my jaw dropped. I need to go to Beverly Hills for this alone. It's like a dream...a lovely sugary sprinkly dream :)

8. Cupcake wine. I am not a wine person...really at all. But then I heard of something called "cupcake wine" I am such a sucker for anything with the word cupcake attached. I bought some at Target the other night. And didn't hate it haha!! It might take me a very long while to drink the bottle. But I can now add a wine to my long list of alochol that I can actually tolerate.

9. It is getting SO NICE OUT!!! I am actually going on a long walk after I finish writing this post. I love spring it is my favorite time of year. Everything is dethawing and fresh. Flowers are blooming and skirts are on store racks. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go and soak up that sun :)

10. I discovered the designer Lilly Pulitzer...her things are gorgeous!!! I have been stalking her website the last few days.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Goin to the chapel...

Saturday was Tyler and Alex's wedding.
It was really quite beautiful.
Tav and I had almost everything happen to us.
-We got lost on the way there.
-Literally got there right on the dot and ran in (in heels)
-Got stuck riding behind the slowwwwest driver.
-We got lost finding the hotel...many times.
-Blisters galore...ouch.
-Ly woke up every hour through out the night...I can't blame her it was her first night away. But needless to sleep.

Besides all of the pits there were many perks. It was a beautiful ceramony and a very fun
Beautiful bride and beautiful baby make for happy hubby.

After we finally found our way back to the hotel Tav and I pigged out on Dominos...and it was goooood.

Awesome weekend and now the it is finally starting to get nice outside..yayayayay!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My kind of wonderful.

When something is right you just know.
You get that feeling.
Excited, anxious, a little nervous and sooo happy.
I found that Tennessee.
I don't know if you've ever been there.
But I'm sure if you have you agree.
 It is amazing!!!
I've been there 2 times now.
Going again next month.
 It has something for everyone young and old.
Country music lovers and not.
 But that's just me.
When you find a place that you love, everything seems perfect.
This place is my perfect.
I can't wait to move here someday.
One minute you're in the beautiful country and the next in big is AMAZING!!
It's the one place that feels like home..that isn't "my home"
I can gather inspiration from anything.
I love it!
The people, the music, the accents!
 I love knowing where that place is to me.
12 hours away.
Do you have any places like that??
If will find it!
And when you just know.
Love at first sigh :p

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gettin my hair did.

Ohhhh much more than something that just sits on your head.
I'm constantly trying new things.
Whether it's bangs or purple and blue tips.
Ya gotta have fun...right!?
I keep going back and forth with if I wanna cut it or not.
But I decided no.
Whenever I cut it I cry my eyes out (baby much?)
Besides I've been working on growing it out for a while now...soooo it doesn't make sense to chop it..yet.
Here are some new ideas...let me know what you think :))

1. These layers!! Carrie Underwoods hair always looks..well..flawless. I love love love these layers!!

                         2. I love the color and bangs here!!! Very sweepy...definite possibilities...

3. Pink Tips. I saw this color bug on pinterest and looked high and low for one. But nothing. Finally I ordered one online last week so I should be getting it very soon. Can't wait! Love the pink tips!

   4. More layers. I love the choppy layers. It creates a lot of volume. I'd keep the layers but with longer hair. When I saw her music video "tough" I thought..great hair!!

5. This look is a lot like what I have. Long, straight across bangs and long layers.

Ohhh decisions, decisions.
I'm going to get my hair done on Sat.
Help a gal out and tell me what ya think :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lucky #12

Since my lucky number is 12 I thought I would show 12 pictures.
Here are some snapshots of what's been keeping me busy.
Hope you had a good Monday :)

1. We made turtle cookies...nom nom nom

2. To get the not get the sweater that is the question...

3. Cat sitting for Mindy. Who ever said cat black cats are bad luck are very wrong! Love them.

4. Late night Applebees=Half off appetizers

5. Look at how cute she is!! She makes me so happy to be her nanny :))

6. It finally went clearance... :)

7. Here comes the sun and I say it's alright :))

8. Seeee she reads Vogue already!!! She is a little fashionista already!

9. It was a beautidful day so mom and I took a walk. It was lovely.

10. Hello love.

11. I didn't even have to wear boots. Happy Day.

12. Chinese food...delicious!!