Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello my name is Johnny Cash..

Last night I was trying to decide which movie I wanted to watch...I decided upon "Walk the line." Sometimes I forget how truly amazing this movie is (to me at least). Years ago I saw it in movies and the minute it came out on DVD I was right there to buy it. But somehow over the years it got buried in the back of my DVD's. Lucky for me I dug and found it last night!!! And may I just say...Johnny Cash is a legend. He is simply one of the best. I grew up listening to him (my Grandpa is a big fan) and to this day I am in awww of how truly different his sound is. In a brilliant way!! When I origianlly heard that they were doing a movie about his life I was a bit worried. Those are some big shoes to fill. But I think Joaquin Phoenix potrayed him very well, and Reese Witherspoon can never do any harm. They did an amazing job.

I am in LOVE with her style in this movie!!
Johnny Cash struggled with so many things in his life. Seeing the love between him and June was really what he needed. Seeing the 2 of them together really makes you believe in true, can't live without, do anything for love. When she died he died only 5 months later...that's love.

Now that is music.
Today just so happens to be Johnny's 80th Birthday if he was still alive.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I saw that on Pinterest...[t-shirts into vests]

This on definitely took some work but I think it counts as a success.
We messed up a bit here and there...buuuut all and all I think they turned out just fine :p

If you wanna make one yourself you can find it on my Pinterest. Just go to the site and look at the instructions :))

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farewell soda. Hello Lent.


Is it really that time again??

Today starts the journey of Lent. I am a catholic and for most of us we will be attending Ash Wednesday mass at some point today. For me I will be going tonight with my mom. It really is one of my favorite mass's. The Church fills with many people. It's beautiful. There's a certain feeling that will be there on a night like tonight. It can't be explained. Just beautiful and wonderful.

Along with Lent you are strongly encouraged to either give something up (most of the time it's sweets) or do something more.


I will be giving up soda.

Easier said than done. I love my so much. I am seriously a diet coke addict. But it will be a reminder everytime I go and reach for that diet coke. That if Jesus can die for my sins I can give up soda for a few weeks. It won't be easy...but I believe it will strengthen me as a person.

Farewell fizzy addicting soda...I will partake again after Lent.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I love being a girl.

The other day Tav and I had the ultimate girls day...

First we went to get manis and pedis (my first will not be my last!!). Usually I am overly ticklish but this was alright. And to top it off there were amaaaaazing chair massagers. Now I wish it was warm enough to wear open toe shoes and show off these perfectly painted toes. I have to say my favorite part of this visit..besides the nail lady tickling my hand...(yea a bit weird) was the fact that Tav wore skinny jeans so when she had to unroll them she couldn't (her nails were still wet). So the nail man had to come and practically pry down those skinny jeans. Seriously funniest thing ever. 

What's a gal to do after she get's her nails did??...Starbucks of course! From there we went shopping and ended it with dinner at Golden Corall. Which is a buffet type of place. We figured we had a hectic day we deserved to stuff our faces :p We filled our plates and right as we were digging in our waitor comes up and asks "are you going to eat all of that" and were like..."yea we're pigs lol" and he so graciously/oddly says "oh wow I can't believe you keep your figures eating like that" and then he made an outline with his hands. Needless to say a bit akward..sure enough as were eating our dessert he offers to take our picture. I'm not one to turn down a picture. Seriously an odd night. But a good one.

Great day with my bestie :)

Every girl...and guy deserves to be pampered once in a while.

Music to my ears...

1. We got us-Canaan Smith.
I heard this song and thought awww. I saw this video and thought...oh my goodness this is seriously one of the cutest videos ever. This is the first song I have heard from this guy but if his other music is anything like this I am now a happy listener :)

2. Safe and Sound-Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.
I was soooo excited to hear that they were doing a callaboration, because I am such a fan of both. Needless to say I love the song!! And I just saw the video the other day...kinda spooky..but it works.

3. Over you-Miranda Lambert
Yet another amazing song by Miranda Lambert. This song really pulls at your heart.

4. Springsteen-Eric Church.
A friend told me I needed to hear this...I'm glad I listened. It has been on repeat the last few days.

5. Songs like this-Carrie Underwood.
This isn't a new song but it has just been stuck in my head all week. A great girl power song. So true.

There you have it. My top 5 songs of the week. They have been playing again and again and still I'm not sick of them. That's how you know it's a good song!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Night Ramblings...

Hello, hello, hello my fellow bloggers.
It feels like forever since I've actually sat down and wrote on my Blog.
Problem-I'm not feeling very inspired. This typically happens around this time of year.
I just feel bored and cold all the time.

I miss wearing flowy dresses and flowers in my hair.
I miss long walks at night with nothing but a light sweater to keep me warm.
I miss blasting music with the windows down.
I miss Farmers Markets.
I miss outdoor concerts.
I miss the sand between my toes and the waves brushing up against my leg.
I miss my tan skin which is now so milky white.
I miss random photoshoots in the middle of the day. 
I miss watching the sunset on my front steps.
I miss dancing in the street. 

I miss it all!!!

I still have a while... but that's alright. 
I've been keeping busy.
I nanny during the day and work retail at night.
Take a peak...

1. New magazine with Zooey Deschanel...score!! 

2. I really want one of these cute rain coats at Target...

3. Caroline and I are still trying to master this photo.

4. I just love Diet Coke...
5. We went out to eat with Mary and Abby :) 

 6. Time to re-organize...quite the task.

7. We made our own doughnuts on Pinterest night....yummmmmm and faaaaat lol.

8. I wanted these jeans soooo much...but didn't wanna pay 80 bucks.

9. This little peanut keeps me busy during the day!

10. I. love. this. song.