Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ohhh Sunday!

Today has been so lovely.
I woke up, went to church (great mass.)
Went shopping with mom and found some steals (a skirt, shirt and sweater all for $8.)
And then found a great pair of black pants that ended up being like $5 and they weren't even to long!
That is a hard task.
Made $22 by donating clothes to Platos Closet.
Enjoyed some yummy treats at our favorite bakery Vande Walles.
Drooled over these beautiful mixers that I WILL someday have.

Now it's home for the night to relax, take a hot bubble bath and listen to some good music.
Good day??
I think yes :)

Here are some of my playlist picks for the night!
Gotye-Somebody that I used to know

Ours-Taylor Swift

Boyfriend-Justin Bieber (Boyyyy grew up and is sounding gooood)

Good Girl-Carrie Underwood

Watching you watch him-Eric Hutchinson

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A long overdue...hello again!!!

Hello my wonderful bloggy friends!!!

I have been so crazy busy lately that I haven't had time to sit down and write. I'm hoping to get back on track with it though because well...I really like to blog :) I sometimes forget why I started one and I remind myself that it's a great place to just let everything out. So I'm starting my blogging journey again. Hopeful of new inspiration!

What has been keeping me so busy??

Well... I nanny Mon-Thurs. Working retail Fri and Sat. Sunday is my day of rest...aka shopping, church and photoshoots :p

This month held lot's of new and excithing things for me.

-I had a Birthday (22 to be young, yet so old.) It's an age that has me thinking and craving something new.

-My sister and I had a day trip to Madison. Filled with shopping, yummy cupcakes and 2nd row at the Ingrid Michaelson concert! It was a great day for us! I am going to do a whole post on this one for sure.

-Danielle and I went to Miranda Lambert's concert. One of the best concerts I have ever been to!!!...and I have been to a LOT!! Even if we did have nose bleed seats :p I guess I will need a seperate post for this night to!

-And finally my favorite part of the month. Tav and I took a trip to Nashville. We stayed with one of my good friends. He's a musician so it was really cool being in a house filled with so much music. Once again I didn't want to come home...this time was the worst. When I'm there I feel like I'm home. The people, the scenery, the music...I love it all! I think I might seriously need to look into moving there within the next year or so. I want to tell you all about the trip but I seriously need a post and a half for this one. Oh yeaaa and I FINALLY got my tattoo!! I have been wanting for like 2 years now. But kept putting it off but then I thought "carpe diem." So glad I did..I love it!!

I am very excited to hop back on my blog and share all sorts of things with you guys!! Hope your April was lovely! Now cheers to May (in a few days.) Hopefully it will be just as great!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello 22.

Today is my really snuck up on me this year. I was lucky enough to spend it with some good girlfriends over the weekend. And then tonight I'm going out with the family to the new Olive Garden in town.
Usually with every Birthday I am just overjoyed and exstatic.
But for some reason this one feels different...I don't quite know why.

I'm excited about being 22. For some reason I always pictured 22 as the perfect age. When things would all fall into place. I always thought by 22 I would be getting married, and know exactly what I want do with the rest of my life. Well...I'm not getting married anytime soon (unless there's some weird miracle on the way). And I am still unsure of exactly what I want to do with my life. I know the basics but did I spark something so wonderful that I had to jump on it right away. Not exactly. My problem is I sometimes overthink..shocking I know. I am really going to try with this new age to just jump in head first. If I want to do something or say something. It's gonna happen. I shouldn't feel  held back. If I wanna pick up and move to Nashville...I should already. If I need to tell someone I love them well feeling lightheaded kinda like I can't breathe I should. There have been so many "what if's" and this is me finally stepping in. I don't care if I make a fool of myself. You only live once. I'm already in 22 deep. I'm learning to thrive on inspiration.

This is my time.

So I cheers to a new age and new adventures. I truly can't wait. I'm not getting older just a little wiser :p