Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chop chop??

As you know I am always switching up my hair. I get bored so easy...good and bad thing.
I am considering cutting it...but then I get so sad and regret it. But these cute hairstyles make me want to chop chop!!
Desicions, decisions... what's your favorite?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Monday...

Happy Monday all!!!
It sure does feel like fall here in Wisconsin lovely!
With fall almost here it's only right to make pumpkin cupcakes.
I made some last night. Only a minor downfall breaking the can opener..and since I just got a new phone I was without a phone. Sooo I had to make due. They sure were yummy though!
Grab the recipe here.
Super easy!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Until we meet again..

Goodbyes are never easy. One of my best friend's Naomi left the other day to become a nanny in Pittsburgh. It is gonna be such a fabulous adventure for her! But I miss her already!! Just another thing on the list of changes. She's off to be a nanny until February and I just ended my term of being one. It is definitely sad to think I won't be able to see Lyla 5 days a week. I love that little girl. But it is time, time for me to move on and make some new changes.
I am looking into culinary schools that have a spcific major in baking/pastry. The dream down the line is to open my own cupcake bakery complete with delivery service. Because sometimes you just crave a cupcake and want to order one! So that is the first step. I found 2 schools I really like. None in Wischonsin. One of them is called Le Cordon Bleu, I'm looking at the ones in Chicago and Minnesota. And then there is The Art Institute, I'm looking at the Nashville one. It is just so scary to think of moving on my own to a brand new city. Ahhh so much to think about!! I'm going to be talking to the school representitives today and see how it sounds. I
I just need to pray more and worry less.

This is just gonna be a year of many new, scary and exciting chapters!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Strawberry Souffle!!...umm yumm!!

I have a new goal: Do something I have never done before at least once a month.
Well I am proud to say that I have already done 2 and it is only the 9th! Hip hip hooray!! Let's see here which one shall I share today...hmmm. I'll share the wonderful strawberry souffle!! I have ALWAYS wanted to make a souffle and so I decided I would give it a try!
My best friend Tav and I are obessed with baking. So we decided to make a blog dedicated to baking and share our lovely treats with the world. Also howto's and funny stories. I am really excited to get started on it! And to be able to do it with my best friend makes it so much better :)
Here is the link if you wanna take a look :) It's called "Sweet Treats from my Best Friends Kitchen"

Luckily making the souffle wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The hardest part for us was the "stiff peaks" it calls for 4 eggs and we ended up going through 9..note to self: don't play with the yolk. Oopsie haha. When we took them out of the oven they were risen and beautiful but after like 10 min they deflated a bit haha. But they tasted delicious!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Long lost hello!

Hello out there!!!

Don't worry I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. I have just been crazy busy! It has been a truly awesome summer! But I ready for fall. I crave it already. Also craving...baking everything and anything pumpkin...ahhhh I love pumpkin! Yum!! Here is a recap of the last few months...

We were in a fashion show for White House Black Market!

We went exploring in the back woods and even found a hay bale.

Yummy but sad farewell dinner for Mindy and Jason :(

Bonfire at Dad's.

Goofing around after a photoshoot.

Caroline and I kept it country for Country USA.

And won meet and greets to meet Sawyer Brown.

It's tradition to do a sister picture in front of the Sister Bay sign!
There wasn't one dull day at CUSA

Amaaaaazing salad!!

Nothing beats laying by the water and just writing.

We were at a friends bonfire and there were just cows roaming the next morning. I named her Susie :p

Good day for the Farmers Market!

We enjoyed "pie on the porch" and it was gooood.

It is so pretty!!

I have such a beautiful mom!!

We took a weekend getaway to is so lovely there!!

Granpa and I on the ferry to Makinac Island.

3 generations of strong ladies.

I fell in LOVE with this bike!
4th of July cuppycakes!!

A looong story behind this photo...long story short: don't do this.

Virgin Pina Colado..ummm yumm..

We wrote on these mugs with a certain type of sharpie and you put it in the oven and it stays on!

I made Tav this giant pudding stuffed cupcake for her Birthday.

And this Tres Leches Colombian cake for Naomi's golden birthday.

Me with the birthday girls. We went dancing!

Oh yea I got a kitten..his name is Bootsie!!

From a recent my friend in the back :p

Same day photoshoot..such a fun day!!

We had to ride the train!!
Haahaha Naom and I got on stage for a disco band..dancing queen!!

Such a fun night!!
Danielle's Bridal Shower!!! Doesn't she look fab!?
She looks so retro glam..I love it!
Getting ready for Danielle's Bachlorette party!!

We went to the horse races in much fun!!

We ran out of room so we had to squish in back.


Coolest limo driver ever!!
We found Coyote Ugly!!

May I just add that Usher rode in this limo..just sayin!
Getting ready!!!

The 3 Megan/Meghan's
After the service we got a party bus...I loved it!!

Rockin the shades!

My personal fav!

Sorry for the millions of pictures...buuuut I had a lot to cram in!!
There are a lot of new and exciting things about to happen in my life.
Can't wait to keep this bloggy up to date again!!
Oh yes and happy Friday!!! It's a rainy day her in Wisco makes me just wanna snuggle up in millions of blankets with a hot coco and nap..but I can't..until tonight!