Sunday, November 21, 2010

Say it with me...suspenders :)

Yessss you've read right...suspenders!! :) Now when you hear suspenders I bet your mind automatically thinks Erkel. And yes Erkel was known for rocking the suspenders, but they've come a long way since then. They really are fun to try! You can pair them with pants, shorts or a cute skirt (I've tryed them all :)) The cool thing with this up an coming trend you can buy them cheap at Walmart or Wet Seal. Make them as casual or dressy as you want.

My friend Naomi and I rocking the suspenders!!
  The key thing to wear with these is...confidence! Own them and be sure to work them. Everytime I've worn these (work, clubs...rollerskating) I've gotten compliments. Because I wore them with confidence!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Old Navy
Sorry it's been almost a week since I've last updated but I have been so busy. So I'm going to try and get back on track. Starting with todays topic...sparkles!!!

It is definitly the season for sparkles, glitz and glam! I've been seeing it everywhere from celebrities to stores. An easy trend to try with sparkles are on a sweater. You can find sparkly sweaters many places right now. I've seen many at places like Forever 21, Gap, Macys and of course Old Navy. You can go as mild or crazy as you want.

If you're looking to make a bit more of a statement you can try a sparkly hat or even a dress! This time of year there are all sorts of partys and get togethers where it's perfect acceptable to wear a sparkly dress!! Taylor Swift has been known for wearing sparkly dresses. It just makes you feel fun and ready to party :) As far as the hat goes I have a sequin hat and wore it out one night and got so many complimants!!!! It was the hit of the club, even the musicians were raving about it :) It resembled the one Jennifer Nettles wears in the music video "Joey" and you can find this gem at Forever 21 as well as Target. 

Forever 21
Have as much fun as you want with this trend!!! I know I can't get enough of it :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Style Icon of the week:Nicole Richie

NICOLE RICHIE photo | Nicole RichieNicole Richie is the definition of boho chic. Almost any outfit that she's seen wearing is inspired by the 60's or 70's. Big sunglasses are a must, you can find them almost anywhere. Forever 21 always has really cute vintage looking ones for cheap!! Also maxi dresses, which are sooooo comfortable and in right now! And something for everyone to try are skinny jeans. These work great with everything (ballet flats, tucked into boots, and of course heels). Going into winter it's great to try the beanie type of hat, these keep you warm and are super cute. Layering is a big thing for this time of year to, Nicole loves layering. One other thing to try is an oversized dress or shirt and belt it. It will create a flowy look but when cinched at the waist makes you look smaller.

DRIVER'S ED photo | Nicole RichieFor hair she's always changing the style and color. From the classic bob to long waves and bangs..never boring. And an easy style to try is a high bun which works well with or without bangs, it's very chick. Also seen a lot is a headband of some kind, usually a hippie inspired one. Or even a scarf around her forhead and hair...very 70's. For makeup it depends on the ocassion, for everyday she tends to stick with neutral lips and smoky eyes. To create smoky eyes like hers stick with liquid eyeliner. For more of a night look once again stick with the smokey eyes but for the lips you want to bring out a darker color maybe a deep red or purple.

NICOLE RICHIE photo | Nicole RichieNicole recently started working in the fashion industry she now has 2 clothing lines: House of Harlow and Winter Kite. If you can't make it into any of the stores you can buy items online.

NICOLE RICHIE photo | Nicole RichieNicole is never afraid to make a shouldn't be either. Think bold and feel bold.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Perfume...ohhhh lala

Today isn't really a fashion statement but it is indeed a statement. Today is all about perfume/fragrances. I'll let you in on some of the best ones...which last the longest, which smell the best and where to get them. Let's start out here with some of the

Fresh clean Fragrances:
*Calvin Klein (one)-What I love about this one is it gives you the fresh out of the shower smell and is one of those scents you can just smell all day long and it doesn't get overpowering or sickening.
*Faith Hill True-I just love this smell it is so girly and clean smelling. It's a fairly new scent but luckily is out in gift sets for the Holiday :)

Everyday Fragrances:
*Curious (Britney Spears)-This if my go-to perfume it has been for years. All of my friends absolutly love it, it has a slight flowery scent without being to over the top. You can get this at any retailer, even Walmart.
*In bloom (Reese Witherspoon)-This one I just discovered about 2 months ago and am so happy I did. It gladly became one of my favorites. This is a very romantice type of perfume it makes you feel confident while wearing it. You can purchase this through Avon A definite must have!!
*Dream Angels Halo-You can buy this at any Victorias Secret. It's an older scent so you may have to look online. But what makes this smell so great is it's like you're smelling it for the first time everytime you smell it. It's very subtle and it infused with deep sandlewood and violets. It isn't to flowery though!!

Girly Fragrances:
*Fancy (Jessica Simpson)-
This is my all time favorite smell. It's a very warm flowery smell. It combines floral and vanilla in the best way possible. Whenever I wear it I get oodles and oodles of complimants. And the added plus of this is it's in a beautiful bottle. You can find this at any department store, even at Target this time of year.
*Paris Hilton-This was Paris Hiltons first perfume and it just smells fruity and flowery and wonderful. I've had this one for years and continue to buy it. A lot of girls I know love wearing this one as well!!

A night on the town:
*Fancy Love (Jessica Simspson)-This perfume is slightly sililar to her Fancy perfume. But added to this is an undertone of musk and good you could just smell it for hours!! Whenever you wear it you instantly feel more beautiful and are ready to go out on the town!!

These are some amazing smells you won't be disapointed. The best thing about this time of year and perfume is that they have great deals on gift-sets almost everywhere!! Don't be afraid to take some time and find your perfect scent :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bangin Bangs

Zooey Deschanel
Nicole Richie
 Today I've decided to write about straight across bangs. We've pretty much all had them as little girls but as we got older grew them out or side swept them. However the blunt bangs have made a very big comeback!! They've been seen on almost all celebrities at some point in time. It gives a fresh modern look and you can do almost anything with them. The main thing to remember when having your hair cut like this is that you don't want them cut so long that you can't see in front of you.

If you're sitting there thinking...I love this trend but don't want to cut my hair..I say this.
1. You can actually buy clip in bangs (
2. Hair grows back...take the jump and give them a try!!
3. You can always sidesweep as well so everyday you'll have a different look


 This is by far one of my favorite hairstyles right now. I'm actually considering it myself  :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

They call me mellow yellow...

Today I want to take a look at the color yellow. Now that it's fall it's approriate to stick with mustard yellow :) Now blondes don't worry we can make this trend work to!! You can have as much fun with it as you want. Meaning you could through a twist and have a mustard colored coat or maybe a fun scarf. My sister recently got a beautiful sweater in that color which looks amazing with her dark brown hair. There isn't a whole lot to say about this look, but to give it a try. I say that about every look, but this one really is soooo easy. You can add a touch of this color anywhere :)

You will be looking and feeling great this fall with this fab color!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Headbands :)

"Blair Waldorf"
 This accessory can truly perk up any outfit!! The beauty of headbands is you can go as classic as plain black or as fun as pink and flowery :) Headbands have been around for a long time. But have recently been making a big comeback. Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl was always known for wearing the infamous bow headband. Recently the hippie-esque headband has been a bit more popular. But both very fun!!

Anyone can pull off a headband, from age 1 to 99. That's how versatile they are. You can purchase them almost anywhere. I've seen some really cute ones at Forever 21( also if you are in the WI area there is the cutest little shop on Main st in Oshkosh that features all sorts of handmade headbands...totally one of a kind...I live in them!! If you can't make it in she luckily has a website
However if you have some time on your hands you can always make your own. Which is really fun to try. My sister has recently made some very fun ones, including a butterfly one :) You can get supplies for them at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

Taylor Swift

Nicole Richie

Good luck with this one...and have fun!! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taylor Swifts style (week 1)

Alrighty every week I'd like to focus on one celebritys style. This week I want to take a look at Taylor Swifts. With her new cd coming out she's been seen everywhere. She has been on the scene a few years now and over those years she's already come a long way in the way with her style and yet continues to make it her own.

cowboy boots and a sundress

What I love about her is she loves country inspired clothes (one of my favorites!!). If you love that style to, it's really not hard to create. Now that we're in fall it's the perfect time to break out the cowboy boots!! If your not big into cowboy boots you can try pretty much any other tall boot.  She loves pairing cute sundresses or a pair of skinny jeans with them. Adding to this style is plaid, which has been a big hit this year. You can find plaid in almost any store right now.


Taylor recently has been loving vintage and vintage relater pieces. Which is so fun to try!! To create this look I would try some red lipstick. It will totally add that pop to your look! Also polka dots and skirts that have a bit of flare at the bottom. Also big sunglasses...or even catye glasses are a must have. Think Lucille Ball.

One of the last looks I want to mention is the romantic look. Which means ruffles, lace, skirts and dresses. For hair and makeup I would suggest big waves and some dark eyes and once again the infamous red lipstick.
TAYLOR SWIFT photo | Taylor SwiftSPOTTED IN MILAN photo | Taylor Swift
One last trend to that Taylor is known for is anything sparkly. From her dresses to her shoes everything has sparkles!!

And finally something you can try everyday...wherever you go. Sweaters. She loves everything about them and so do I. You can wear them with jeans or dress pants. And pair boots, ballet flats or heels. Don't be afraid to through on a scarve or a cute wool hat. For hair and makeup we all know that Taylor is known for her big curls. Although she has been know to straighten her hair a few times for a fairly modern look. Also a braid is a quick and easy look that she loves. For makeup try either soft pink lips or red lips...depending on the outfit. For eyes try a pale pink on the lids and some liquid eyeliner for the eyes. I suggest Covergirls liquline blast works wonders ( Taylor loves the winged eyeliner look. I've tryed it now a few times and love just take a few trys to get it just right.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Red Lipstick

Lucille Ball

Christina Aguilera
My first topic is red lipstick. I personally believe that every woman should have red lipstick in her makeup bag :) Now I know a lot of people are afraid to try such a bold statement but may I can totally make an outfit and turn a few heads (in a good way!!) What I love about it instantly feel more beautiful and 10 times more confident :)

I actually wore it today with a black top and red and black skirt and got sooooo many compliments!! It's an unexpected twist. Just be careful with the color outfit you have on with it...a hot pink sweater and red lips may not go over so well. The beauty of it is you can make it all your own either by making it look very modern or very classic.

 If your afraid to try it with your everyday wardrobe, that's okay you can always break it out when you go out whether it be with a little black dress or some cute skinny jeans.

To lipstick really is a trend that will never die. Even if your not sure if you can pull it off...try!!! Even if your just cleaning the house :)
Don't be afraid to stand out...and check your teeth for lipstick before leaving the house : p

Hello Blog.

Let's see here..I am brand new to this whole blog thing. I am pretty excited to get a start on it though :) What this blog will be focused on mostly will be fashion, makeup and a few other random goodies. I have such a passion for fashion and everything related so this will be another awesome outlet for me!